Engineering UNLV Advisory Meeting

Miranda Cain and Val Stovner

Advanced Technologies academy engineering students attended a presentation from University of Nevada at Las Vegas and other community figures about Engineering and Construction on Thursday, December 10th. During this presentation students got the chance to ask the presenters questions they had about the topics.

“UNLV is having their Engineering and construction advisory board meeting and we asked if we could have the kids talk to them,” says Mr. Underwood about the event.

Many opportunities could come from the connections students made at this event, including internships and scholarships from various businesses in town. According to Mr. Underwood, he hopes students “get to talk to people in the [engineering and construction] community, hopefully in the field they want to go into.”

By bringing together people from the community and officials from UNLV, this presentation provided an opportunity for students to learn more about the field of construction and any open opportunities in the community.

“It was actually really interesting and I learned new things”, says junior Judy Ornelas about the event.

During the event several speakers, including Don Hayes, the department chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction at UNLV, all talked about construction, engineering, and their work in the field. After that students were allowed to ask questions to the members of the board.

An interesting point brought up during the event came from Sam Palmer, who said “that engineering is a career, not just a job.”

The presentation ended with one piece of advice, “ be truthful, be honest, don’t hide the truth”.