Paula Woods Strikes Again with Her Roasting Skills


Kimberly Flores

Paula Woods is known for roasting students.

This generation’s roasting has been an art — insults are infamous. Paula Woods, who teaches AP Human Geography, U.S. History Honors and AP U.S History, is known for mastering these “special skills.”

“It motivates you to do better so you don’t get roasted again,” said senior Abhinav Dagar. Which is understandable considering roasts make you wanna die.  

This is understandable, but other students, like senior Alexander Yung, have had negative experiences with Woods’ roasts.

“It’s not really funny,” said Yung. “It’s just insulting.”

Getting roasted by Woods is known to be a rite of passage for students. Woods said that the students she roasts “need to grow a thick skin,” which is easy for her to say… Roasting may be funny, but it hurts on the inside, even if you have thick skin.

“Some kids actually love it, like my student aid who wanted to be my student aid so I could roast him some more because he didn’t get enough,” said Woods.

Overall, Paula Woods is a great teacher and every student should look forward to having her, whether it’s because of or despite the roasts.