Congrats, Nevada! We’re Last!

A job well done to the state of Nevada, everyone! We’ve officially been beaten by Tennessee, New Mexico, AND South Carolina in a ranking of state education, hopping down to rock bottom as the 50th state! Not only have we proven an average grade of a solid D, but we’re also the state that spends the second lowest on students in the nation (about $8,441 per pupil).

For comparison the current highest state, Massachusetts, has a grade of a B and spends $14,081 per pupil as an average at their schools. So hats off to us, I guess? At least our spending on students isn’t the lowest possible!

Now, it’s perfectly fine to be upset by this revelation that our state has proved to suck the worst and our school is the best at sucking the life out of students, but remember — there’s always next year!

We could always try harder, but the real problem is in the CCSD funding. If we had more resources available, especially to those school seen with bad grade averages and student participation, we could up how hard students try at school when they have more resources to enjoy the work they’re doing.

Another way to help the average of Nevada is to hire people who actually want to teach and inspire students. Not naming anyone in specific, but if we eliminated those teachers who give homework as punishment, project after project consecutively, and gives homework on weekends, but doesn’t grade with the excuse “weekends are MY days!!11!1!!”, we can eliminate the lack of effort and will the students have because of that. With teachers who actually want to do a good job with their occupation, the students (surprise, surprise!) will actually want to do a good job too.

If we can change the way our teaching system is, not even in just Nevada, but everywhere, we can inspire and encourage students to do so much more by not focusing on the idea that they’re either born smart or dumb but instead teaching everyone in an equal environment and not singling off the “gifted” students.

But, hey, at least the U.S. isn’t completely sucking in a worldwide ranking of education despite driving a bunch of 18-year-olds into thousands of dollars in debt, right? Nothing wrong here!