Web Design Cancelled?!


Olivia Fink

Dr. Nancy Lee’s Web Design classroom is empty of students.

All students majoring in Web Design will choose a different program area. The program got cancelled because of lack of interest by the freshman class. Over the past few weeks, Web Design students have been speaking to their counselors about changing their majors for the rest of their high school career.

Sophomore Shy Laurie switched from Web Design to Graphic Design just last week.

“I’m just switching to Graphics because I’m already in the class, and it’ll be easier,” said Laurie. “I feel bad about [the cancellation of Web Design,] but I feel good because it is a tedious program.”

Laurie said that coding programs take up a lot of time, and leaving out only one tiny mistake can result in having to redo the entire assignment.

However tedious, freshman Navid Ansary felt differently.

“I actually love Web Design,” said Ansary. “Dr. [Nancy] Lee is a great teacher. It’s a wonderful class. I’m kind of sad.