Preparations for Spring Law Play


Destini Johnson

Legal Studies watches a famous trials presentation.

On March 7 and 8, the Legal Studies program will perform their law play. This quarter, the Legal Studies students had a project called Famous Trials to prepare them for the law play. It is a project in which students select a known incident and run a realistic law trial for the criminal(s) and victim(s) involved in the case.

“My famous trial is the Charles Manson trial, and I chose to do this trial because I found his life and his family’s life really interesting,” said junior Victoria Alexe. “Also, the fact that he was one of the most well-known serial killers in history.”

Students get to choose their famous trials based on what they feel is most important or interesting. They then get to reenact the situation by dressing up and creating a script based on the real life events of the murders.

“I think Mr. [David] Eason wanted his students to do this project so that he would be able to expand our creativity and apply what we have learned throughout the years in a fun way,” said junior Karla Lopez. “I benefited from this project because I had the chance to investigate a trial that I was interested in and really get a first person perspective on cases.”

This project prepares students on how to conduct a trial. They learn how to prepare an unbiased opening and closing statement, how to speak and present a case in trial, and also how to use evidence properly.

“I loved making the video and playing the role of a lawyer in the presentation,” said Alexe.

The project not only prepares students for the trial aspect, but it brings upon awareness of incidents that actually happen in this world.

The Famous Trial play introduces students to trials and incidents and prepare them for their Spring play, students will choose a famous movie and introduce a crime, in which they will have to run a trial for their wrong doings.