A-TECH’s Event of The Year


Kimberly Flores

Students gathered around tables, playing board games.

The first Board Game Marathon of the school year was last Friday on November 3.

BGM is an annual event that occurs twice a year with more students attending than at the school dances. The event allows students to interact and play hundreds of board games and some video games as well.

As soon as the bell rang, students gathered around inside and outside the SAC. With games such as air hockey, ping pong, Twister, and countless others, attendees had a good time. The event lasted for around four hours.

Kimberly Flores
Students play games in the SAC.

“I generally had fun,” said freshman Esther Ramirez. “Giant Jenga was really fun, but it was pretty windy.”

Kimberly Flores
Students browse the array of board games.

“There was a lot of lines, and there was a ticket thing that wasn’t there last year,” said sophomore Chris Hughes. “I pretty much played pool, ping pong, and air hockey.”