Board Up the Games!


Katheryn Ellis

Student Council put up posters for Board Game Marathon throughout the school.

Friday, November 3, is the first Board Game Marathon of the year. This is the perfect time to set up a good old game of Mario Kart and laugh at the shrieks of dismay as people fall to the one overpowered player with way too many shells to throw or enjoy a rage-inducing game of game of Twister as one of the players “accidentally” swipes their leg under half of the other players’ legs.

There are four ticket choices:


Basic tickets are $3 and include admission and nothing else.


Standard tickets are $5 and include entry, three pieces of pizza, and three drinks.


Ultimate tickets are $9 and include entry, three pieces of pizza, four drinks, one ice cream treat, and unlimited popcorn.

Katheryn Ellis
There are multiple ticket choices: helper, ultimate, standard, and basic.



Helper tickets are $5 and include entry, three pieces of pizza, five drinks, two ice cream treats, and unlimited popcorn. Helper tickets are limited and require one hour of volunteer work by those who purchase the ticket.

BGM starts right after school, so people will be lining up after the dismissal bell. There is a spot to store backpacks, but it would be quicker and more convenient if students store their backpacks in their lockers since there is a side entrance at the courtyard outside the SAC where students can enter if they don’t have a backpack.

Students can leave for the late bus, but the actual event ends at 6:00 p.m..

BGM is the most popular event of the year at A-TECH, so turnout is expected to be large.