A Shopper’s Guide to Holiday Gifting (For Dummies)


"Decorative Hexagonal Origami Gift Box with Lid: #16" by Dominic Alves is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

It’s that time again, Mavericks! The dreaded season of trying to buy material items for people who complain that they don’t want anything this year (as if someone would actually not get them something). Since it’s already the time people are pulling Christmas decorations from the deepest depths of their houses, there comes the issue of what to buy their loved ones for the holiday season. Here’s a few ways to get ideas on what to buy the difficult people who plague the lives of so many people.

Keep watch of them all year, and take pictures or write down items that they show interest in. If these are stockpiled beforehand, the task of trying to buy gifts becomes substantially easier to complete. If they go ‘ooh’ at an item or pick it up and stare for an extended time, chances are that they like said item and would be happy to receive it for the holiday occasions. Really though, if this was done, would this list subcategory really be resourced?

Have other people ask what they want. Have someone close go undercover to ask what the loved one would like to receive without the suspicion that they’ll be the ones buying said gift. Then, the buyer has the chance to know what to get them and can succeed in getting them something other than the deadpan ‘nothing’ they were responded to with! Chances are, though, this plan might not work since the person who was sent undercover might get the same response, but it never hurts to try different approaches!

Buy them a box with nothing in it. Hey, their words, not the buyer’s! If they want nothing, nothing is what they shall get. Just give them a box wrapped up in some fancy wrapping paper, but leave the box inside empty or with a note inside if they won’t be opening it near whoever gifted it. This is the option for the snarky people who are fed up with their loved ones never making up their minds and wanting to show them that they should be careful what they ask for.

When in doubt, just give them money. This is quite possibly the easiest (and quickest) route to go for giving people gifts. With money, they are given the option of buying what they want and when they want it but also the choice of keeping the money for another purpose later in their lives. Just slide the money or gift card to them either by hand or in one of the glitter-explosive cards sold in stores.

While buying gifts is definitely not the easiest task, it doesn’t have to be the hardest. It may take a lot of energy to think about what to buy for loved ones, but it’s not impossible! Just keep going with the optimism that the sooner the gift-buying is done, the sooner a relationship with the bed can be established. Best of luck!