A Royale Homecoming

The Student Response to Homecoming 2017


Kieran Armstrong

Student Council created James Bond-style posters for homecoming.

A-TECH’s 2017 homecoming on October 21 was a James Bond-themed dance, whose quality was disputed by students. The dance featured primarily pop music, mostly ranging from the years 2013-2016. The DJ played classics like Cupid Shuffle and Wobble, but most of the music was of the electropop genre.

The dance’s mixing is best described as a nightclub setup. There were LED strobe lights on the stage that shot colorful rays into the audience as fist-pumping music blasted from the speakers like a Zedd concert.

Some students liked the atmosphere and dynamic that the dance emanated.

“Last year it was really fun, but this year, because I knew more people, it was a lot more fun,” said sophomore Jelena Daniels.

Other students weren’t quite as enthusiastic about the dance proceedings.

“It wasn’t as lit as it should be,” said sophomore Eduardo Hernandez. “The DJ didn’t really know how to correspond between the songs . . . the feel was just mixed.”

Sophomore Daisy Sorto agreed with Hernandez, adding that “[she] liked last year’s [dance] better. The decorations weren’t that great. The DJ… well, the music wasn’t what we listen to these days.”

This year was possibly A-TECH’s most anticipated homecoming as a result of the changes in date, enormous advertisements, and a DJ who was unknown until the day of the dance. The uncertainty added fuel to the hype that spread throughout the campus like wildfire. Still, no homecoming is perfect, and for every job well done, the homecoming committee will always have another improvement to make. After all, it’s the A-TECH way to adapt and endure and to prove to everyone else that tomorrow never dies.