Business Mock Interviews


6th Period Principles of Business & Marketing class | Sherry Stidhum

From October 4-5, students in Principles of Business & Marketing with business management teacher Sherry Stidhum did mock interviews in class.

The students pretended to apply for an internship in a field and company of their choice. They picked several questions to answer along with three mandatory ones.

Some of the questions were about the student’s extracurricular activities, proudest accomplishment, and greatest strength or weakness.

Students wore business attire for their interview.

An interviewer and interviewee shake hands | Wenxin Chen


“Students should dress up for interviews because it sets a confident tone,” said Stidhum. “Most companies will expect you to have on business attire when you show up to an interview.”

To prepare for the interview, many students practiced with family members or friends once they had picked their questions and went over their answers.

‘’[I prepared for the interview] by practicing everything,’’ said freshman Maya Akcar.

Stidhum assigned her students homework and posted video clips online to help them prepare.

In her opinion, mock interviews are important because they are like “a real-life simulation.”

Students interview each other | Wenxin Chen

“Most people will have to go through the interviewing process in order to get a job, sometimes even to get into college,” said Stidhum.

Students may have to do interviews in high school, too. National Honor Society, for example, requires an interview to enroll.

These mock interviews will help the business management students prepare for the future.