Key Club: Join the Family


Kimberly Flores

A Key Club poster

October is one of the busiest months for Key Club, which is accepting membership payments until next week.. Members stay after school on Thursday until the late buses to practice for an important event: RTC.

“We’ve been preparing by having weekly RTC preps to learn the cheers every Thursday after school,” said Andy We, the Key Club Vice President of Service.

Although Key Club does prepare for events like RTC, they lend a helping hand to the community, too.

“At our volunteer events, we do our best to not only provide as much help as possible with more than enough members, but provide service that is memorable for both the members serving and the people we serve,” said Jake Junsay, the Key Club President.

True to its name, Key Club offers students the key to different opportunities in their life.

“The Key Club name originates from the valiant acts that we do, but I also like to look at the name as Key Club makes keys that open doors to new opportunities in life,” said Junsay. “For college, Key Club provides a look of initiative, character, and volunteer service that they search for in a student.”

The club also helps create a sense of unity within the school, along with creating friendships.

“By attending these events, members not only learn to serve and lead others, they also learn to grow and mature among amazing people, often breaking out of their quiet shells,” said Junsay. “In Key Club, you are constantly surrounded by an energy that opens you up to new friends and enthusiasm that people will often search for in others.”

Many students personally love and feel that the club is a great way to help others in need.

“I love Key Club because I love helping other people,” said sophomore Gabby Veric. “I love serving because I know somewhere it brings them peace and love to the whole wide world.”

Not only do students love Key Club, but teachers do, too.

“Key Club is a great organization,” said Key Club adviser Doug Hall. “I like being the adviser because I get to meet more students than are just in my classes, and they have a lot of energy.”

So many students are involved with Key Club that some could say that it is part of the A-TECH experience.

“Key Club is home and I expect many others to possibly find it as their home as well, no matter if these member are old or new,” said Junsay. “High school is meant to be an amazing experience, and I believe Key Club is one of the greatest ways to find it.”