Drill Team

Charles Mckiness
Drill Team flyer

Drill Team, also known as Diversity Club, will have tryouts in January 2018 and a boot camp for students who are unsure about trying out. It is a group of diverse students who have a passion for dance. The club performs at assemblies.

“To me, drill team is spirit to A-TECH and an outlet for kids who don’t have an outlet,” said junior Charles Mckiness, the President of the Drill Team.

Diversity gives students an opportunity to do what they love and a chance to express themselves in a unique way.

“Since about the tenth grade, I have been into dance now, and it’s like exploring new things in a way,” said junior Kayhontia-TyZhon Hall. “I learned a new style of dance, new choreography, and got the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and talk to other people.”

Drill Team allows students to bring new ideas to the group and ultimately have fun.

“The Drill Team has taught me that you always have a family — always have someone to catch you when you fall and bringing you back up again,” said sophomore Jaz’myn Anderson. “They taught me to keep trying and never give up, even when it becomes hard and stressful.”