Hispanic Student Union


Estephanie Jiminez

With September being Hispanic Heritage month, it seems only fitting to write about how students can get involved with the culture. In fact A-TECH has its very own Hispanic Student Union club where people of all ethnicities are welcome to join.

“My main goal is to get as much people and hopefully they’ll enjoy it,” states club President Yvette Moraza. “It gets you away from stress… it gets you away from reality.”

For Hispanic Heritage Month the club, officers are already planning a playlist for students to listen to at lunch.

“Right now, we are planning on doing a playlist for lunch of Spanish songs,” said Lauryn Carlton the HSU treasurer.

Throughout the year, HSU will as well perform other activities and fundraisers that incorporate the Hispanic culture.

“I was planning to do some fundraisers and hopefully as a class we get to stay together and do some activities, ” said Yvette. “There’s these sugar skulls we can do.”

As the school year progresses, the club members will also have numerous opportunities to obtain community hours from different events.

“We have planned to do a lot with the community since a lot of people need 20 hours of community hours to get the (graduation) cord,” states Lauryn. “It will be really good to reach out and spread the word about  the culture.”

Many students look forward to participating in the club.

“I like it so far,” said Guadalupe Solano Martinez, a junior at A-TECH. “I’m expecting to do a lot of community service that’s related to my heritage. I want to help the Hispanic community.”

Interacting with the Hispanic culture is important at A-TECH, since 41.8 % of the 2016-2017 student body were Hispanics. This makes Hispanic people the largest group of students at the school.

“It kinda breaks the stereotype of Latinos not trying with their education,” said Cielo Masias, a student at A-TECH. “It shows us that with a little more hard work we can do. At least to me it is encouragement.”

To learn more about HSU join the club. Meetings are held every other Tuesday during assistance.