New Year, New i

Everything You Need to Know about the Newest Additions to the Apple Family


Apple Inc.

On Tuesday, September 12, Apple released its new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X to the public. The long anticipated and secret-shrouded iPhone 8 confirmed and disproved the various rumors that came up throughout the consumer waiting period.

The new iPhones, as rumored, charge wirelessly. They utilize a new product called the Apple AirPad, which allows users to charge their iWatches, AirPods, and the three aforementioned phones. Nevertheless, the most important detail about Apple’s release of these new phones is their price. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus

start at $699, while the home-button-free iPhone X has a $1,000 sticker price.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are virtually the same when it comes to hardware.  The 8 Plus is roughly 16 millimeters larger than the 8, but they both have home buttons, facial recognition locks, and new A11 microchips that allow for better photo configuration.

The iPhone X is an entirely different story. The reason it is so much more expensive than its counterparts is simple; “it’s all screen.” This new slogan coined by Apple is a very succinct description of the iPhone X because there is, indeed, no home button. The entire face of the phone is glass screen. The iPhone X also has the 8 and 8 Plus’ facial recognition features, microchips and a volume button.

One of the flaws that many Apple customers noted after the iPhone 7’s release was the lack of a headphone jack. None of Apple’s three new phones have headphone jacks, and they can only be connected to external devices wirelessly.

Ashlee Clark Thompson, CNET