Mentorship Program

“What Is Mentoring” by Willow Brugh is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The 2017-2018 school year welcomes new A-TECH students by assigning them to one of their upperclassmen as mentees.

As a mentor, an upperclassman will guide three or four underclassmen mentees down the right path to being an exceptional student. A mentor is not exactly a tutor, but he or she can gives support by referring them to various resources to help with their trouble areas. Mentors can also help guide their mentees to where their classes are and help them figure out their schedules.

Mentors are required to have weekly forms filled out to let the head of the mentorship program, Mrs. Koprowski, know whether or not they agreed on a time to meet up with their mentees and if said mentees showed up. Mentees aren’t required to show up, but they always have the option of reaching out to their mentor for help.

Students interested in becoming a mentor to incoming students for next year can talk to Mrs. Koprowski near the end of the year and attend a short, informative meeting to verify those who actually want to be a mentor and deal with the responsibility of taking care of the underclassmen without bursting into tears because of the pressure of failing their new mentees. The mentorship program is a rapidly growing group in need of responsible, trustworthy people willing to help the new students know their way around.