A-TECH Gets Six New Teachers


Ms. Coe (Photo: Kimberly Flores)

Rose Coe

Ms. Coe has been teaching high school for 17 years and college for a couple years. She wanted to come to A-TECH because she wanted to teach with Mr. Underwood and Mr. Knoeppe. She wanted to start teaching to have the same schedule as her children.

“I was going back to work after being a stay-at-home mom,” said Ms. Coe.

Ms. Coe thought that the school had very narrow hallways, but she thought everyone here was really nice and that the teachers “seemed to know what they were doing.” She noticed that her students were really quiet and “seemed to be more focused.”

Daniel Hearn

Mr. Hearn has been teaching for 30 years. He decided to come to A-TECH because his previous school did not have a law program.

“Law is my first love,” said Mr. Hearn.

He thought that A-TECH is an overall fantastic school with fantastic staff and fantastic students. He also taught university classes, which is where most of his teaching comes from. He claimed that A-TECH students don’t compare to college students or middle school students because students here are a lot more challenged.

Mr. Hearn said that “you don’t teach for the money” because most teachers don’t get paid a lot. He said he was blessed to earn a lot of money and to enjoy what he does.

Mr. Hearn (Photo: Kimberly Flores)

Melissa Perrin-Smith

Ms. Perrin-Smith has been teaching for 18 years. She wanted to come to A-TECH because it was her dream job. Ms. Smith has a degree in cyber security. She loves to learn, so she decided to share her knowledge and learn along with her students through her years of teaching.

On her first day, she saw that the A-TECH students are “motivated,”  “push themselves hard,” and are “so excited about learning.” She also said that she has “had a lot of support from the other teachers.”

Ms. Perrin-Smith (Photo: Kimberly Flores)

Trevor Riley

Mr. Riley has been teaching for 12 years. He decided to come to A-TECH for the challenge and the opportunity. He heard that A-TECH was an amazing school, so he gave it a chance. The teachers “seemed eager to teach” and “motivated” to help the kids. Mr. Riley had worked in middle schools for 11 years. He said that students attending this school are here for “a purpose” and “ have goals” in mind.

Mr. Riley had first started to study to go into the business field, but he realized that he couldn’t see himself working in a cubicle. His mother was a great influence in him realizing he wanted to be a teacher.

Mr. Riley (Photo: Kimberly Flores)

Keith Thomsen

Mr. Thomsen has been teaching for seven years. He decided to come to A-TECH because he got a phone call from Mrs. Koprowski, who told him how great the school was. He decided to come and interview, and he ended up loving the school. He said that the teachers are “very good” and are “really invested in their subject area.” His students have been great, and “most of them are more than willing to do their work.”

Mr. Thomsen wanted to teach ever since he was young. He thought that the school was impressive and appreciates the fact that there is a lot of technology.

Mr. Thomsen (Photo: Kimberly Flores)

Anne Wake

Ms. Wake has been teaching for 16 years. She decided to come to A-TECH because the school she worked at before closed. Ms. Wake did admit to being happy there, but since the school closed, it was time for a new chapter. She first heard of A-TECH six years ago through people who used to work here. She didn’t know much, but what she did know was that this school sounded like “an amazing school and where just everything was going right.” She said that all the teachers here made her feel very welcomed and her students were “very sweet.”  She said that students here are “well driven and have goals.”

Ms. Wake majored in Italian, Spanish, and Russian in college. She did not think that she’d become a teacher at first. She used to work for the Peace Corps, a governmental organization for social and economic development, after college. She thought she’d move on and work for state department or be a translator at the United Nations, but when she was put as a teacher in Russia, she “fell in love” with teaching.

Ms. Wake (Photo: Kimberly Flores