Welcome to A-TECH


Freshman George Alvarez and sophomore Donney Chen – Photo by Maria Eveli Gutierrez

August 14, 2017, marked the start of a whole new school year. To some of us, however, it also marks the start of a new chapter in life. This year, A-TECH is happy to welcome our newest members, but many of our new students face the same problem. As they walk through the unfamiliar maze-like halls of A-TECH, they are welcomed by unfamiliar faces, which can be quite nerve-wrecking for many.

“I was pretty nervous,” said freshman George Alvarez. “I remember on my ride to the bus I almost told my mom that I didn’t want to go because I was so nervous.”

Freshmen aren’t the only ones who have faced this problem.

“I was a bit nervous because i was leaving behind a lot of friends,” said sophomore Donney Chen.

Yet, this isn’t the only problems many of our new students will face. As they learn the ropes to being an A-TECH student, they will face many obstacles. 

“Start having good habits for classes . . . stop procrastinating and start homework as early as [you] can, so [you] can have time for other stuff,” said Chen.

Without the proper organizational skills, students can be at risk of falling behind.

“I was foolish when I first came here,” said senior Jonathan Garcia. “I was messing around too much. I didn’t know when to be serious. That was my mistake.”

Going to a new school can be scary, especially when it comes to going to a new high school, but it doesn’t have to be. A-TECH is a very understanding and welcoming school.

“At first you’re going to be very shy,” said Chen. “You’re not gonna want to talk to people, but eventually you’ll get over the fact that you’re gonna eventually have to talk to them,”

“It’s a great school and the people here are really nice,” said Alvarez. “You can get along with them, and you can really be yourself,”