Geese become one step closer to world domination.


Geese on the field | Allison Clark

Geese have overrun the fields of A-TECH! While students were trying to play sports and do P.E. work, the geese got in the way.

What are the geese doing here? Where did they come from? We tried asking the geese, but that didn’t work out well. They ignored us and walked away…

We asked some students for their thoughts.

“They could potentially attack me,” said sophomore Joshua Elias. “That’s why I keep my distance.”

It’s true that geese are hostile and may attack you if you approach them. We advise students not to touch them even though they are cute.

“I feel like they’re going to try and attack me, somehow.” said sophomore Azlynn Mumford, a sophomore.

But, still, where did they come from?

“Judging by the color and the beak size, they’re Canadian geese.” said sophomore and potential geese expert Jefrin Jojan.

Wherever they came from, we are glad they are here because they are so adorable! Try to touch them, though, and you may think otherwise.