Cartoon Network

Blast it.

To be frank: I’m not a happy camper. “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” or, if you read the logo like a normal person, “Star the Clone Wars Wars”, slammed into Cartoon Network at full force in 2008. The show is still, to this day, Cartoon Network’s most viewed series of all time, and its reviews gave it a six season run that rarely skipped a beat.

Netflix strikes back.

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars” arrived on Netflix in late 2008 and the show’s series finale was uploaded in 2014. The cartoon fan favorite remained on Netflix for nearly four years until this June, when Netflix committed its mass culling of shows and movies. It was announced that “Clone Wars” would only be available until September 7, 2017.

Netflix’s massive downsize has also included the deletion of fan favorites such as “Son of Batman”, “Finding Nemo”, and “Batman: The Animated Series” (okay, maybe not ALL fan favorites but still…).

The End of an Era.


The “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” series can be purchased in seasons, but because of Cartoon Network’s neglect to rerun the show it will most likely never air on television again (except maybe on Boomerang. Boomerang is like the Lazarus of cable television). Personally, I was devastated by the announcement regarding the deletion of “Clone Wars”, because now that we’re young adults, A-TECH students could very well watch the cartoon for political guidance.

I know, I know ‘it’s a kids’ show’, but Star Wars has always been about politics, morals and war, and George Lucas cleverly wrote these modern day issues into his fictional script. Nods to everything from North Korea to ISIS were made in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.Though we may not have understood it in 2008, the recent turmoil in America and in the world is exposed to us in everything we watch. I am undoubtedly a more politically and socio-politically informed person in general because of watching countless Galactic Senate meetings during my “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” binges.

The funniest part, though, is that in these troubled times of tragedy, terrorism and Trump, some of the answers might lie within the 24 minute sequences of a Sci Fi romp. So maybe, before you procrastinate on that APWH assignment by watching “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix, you should watch some “Clone Wars”; it’ll be a lot more enlightening than you may think. Meditate on that, young padawan.