What students did over the summer

It’s official. School has started, and vacations are finally over. It’s that time of the year again when students gather around to talk about how their summer went without the worries of homework.

“I went to an emotional intelligence class, which was really fun, and I made a lot of friends, and there were only 60 teenagers.”

– Michael Gatto, Freshman

Freshman Madelyn Graham (Photo: Estephanie Jiminez)

“I mostly studied and prepared for A-TECH. I went out to eat, I went swimming regularly — stuff life that. My highlight of my summer was learning [I’m gonna] be having a baby sister in the winter.”

– Madelyn Graham, Freshman

Freshman Szuia Aniceto (Photo: Estephanie Jiminez)

“I went to Lake Tahoe for a wedding up north in Nevada. Afterwards, I went back to Las Vegas and started martial arts [training]. I read some books, like one of them was Percy Jackson, and then I started preparing for here, getting notebooks.”

– Szuia Aniceto, Freshman

Freshman Rachit Neoupae (Photo: Estephanie Jiminez)

“I went to New York and then Miami and then Cali and then came home. I went to New York for some meetings with my brother and Miami just for some fun and Cali also just for fun. Miami was alright.”

– Rachit Neoupae, Freshman

Freshman Jenna Bushnell (Photo: Estephanie Jiminez)

“I went to Disneyland.”

– Jenna Bushnell, Freshman

Freshman Leanoardo Gonzalez (Photo: Estephanie Jiminez)

“I went out with friends, went to go watch some movies, [and] I went to San Francisco.”

– Leanoardo Gonzalez, Freshman

Freshman Dylan Garcia (Photo: Estephanie Jiminez)

“I went to go visit my family in California, and I went to Disneyland.”

– Dylan Garcia, Freshman

“I went to California and Utah. I also celebrated my 16th birthday.”

– Lupe S, Junior

“I didn’t do anything over the summer.”

– Desiree Vasquez, Junior

Junior Marianna Grayer (Photo: Marianna Grayer)

“I went to Minnesota over the summer and Illinois. I went to Minnesota to see my family at a family reunion. I [hung] out with some of my friends. I went to the Mall of America and got on rides. I went to Illinois to watch a basketball tournament that my little cousin was in.”

– Marianna Grayer, Junior

“I worked with the UPS. I bought my first car, waited about two months for that, and then, after I bought my first car, I took a week off work. I went to California. I went to Arizona, Texas, Mexico. It was a blast.”

– Jonathan Garcia Vega, Senior