Spirit Power Week

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year, Mavericks! To kick off a (hopefully) great year, a superhero-themed Power Week will take place this week. Show off your pride by dressing up on these days or only on whichever days you want.

On Monday, August 21, deck out in your craziest socks possible for Super Sock Day! Express your inner struggle with misleading, bright colors or pull on those hallucination worthy socks you bought on sale back in 1783. Whichever suits your fancy, show your pride by wearing the best (or worst) socks you could possibly own.

On Tuesday, August 22, honor The Dark Knight Rises by dressing like death itself. Wear all the black you can find, as much as you want. Shirt, pants, shoes — wear anything and everything that can be black. Express how black your heart is and how dead inside you are.

On Wednesday, August 23, roll out of bed and go to school as you are. That’s right; it’s Super Lazy Day! Come in your pajamas without the judgmental stares of elders as they rant about “back in my day…!” On this very low effort day, kick back in your pajamas as you cry over the vast amount of work you already have to do.

On Thursday, August 24, grab your best superhero shirt, and suit up! Wear your favorite hero (or sidekick, if that’s your cup of tea) and go through the day without having to hide your secret identity. Just don’t actually try to laser-beam eye someone into ash, as that’s illegal.

On Friday, August 25, show off how much of a Marvelous Maverick you are by dressing up in our school colors, teal and purple! Show off your school pride by decking these colors and showing that we can actually have a school community together that’s not all based on our academic achievements (or failures).

Although there’s no big reward for dressing up this time around, you can still have the self-satisfaction of not being a complete shut-in who does literally nothing but go to school. Have a great year, Mavericks!