Starting High School: The Movie


Pillar of art (Photo: Wenxin Chen)

A-TECH’s Class of 2021 star in this year’s hottest blockbuster Starting High School: The Movie. Spoilers ahead.

The beginning of the movie starts the same for all of its young characters. They apply to a few magnet schools and career and technical academies in hopes of better opportunities that their zoned high schools don’t offer. The students get accepted into the prestigious Advanced Technologies Academy, a school that a few of their friends may have also applied to but got rejected.

Freshman Asiah Martinez (Photo: Wenxin Chen)

These students had a variety of reasons for enrolling in A-TECH.

“I heard it was the best school in Nevada,” said freshman Maya Akcar.

A-TECH, being a career and technical academy, has several programs that most other schools don’t offer.

“I chose to come to A-TECH because they had [a graphic design program], and I knew this is a good school when I came here for like an [open house],” said freshman Evelin Choi.

Starting High School was a disaster movie for some of the freshmen when things didn’t go as well as they expected in the first day of school.

“I felt nervous [on] my first day because I didn’t know anyone, and I was trapped on the stairs,” said freshman Asiah Martinez.

A new school means a new environment that takes time to adjust to.

Freshmen Kimberly Bautista Martin and Asiah Martinez talking about classes (Photo: Wenxin Chen)

“I went around in circles three times looking for my geometry class,” said freshman Kimberly Bautista Martin. “I was nervous and scared.”

But, for some of the freshmen, the first day was more of a light-hearted comedy film, especially when they had classes that they liked.

“I am happy with my classes because a lot of it is fun, and I know I can do it,” said Choi. “I really like the students around here.”

The first few week of school can be a comedy, a disaster movie, or a little bit of both, but like most movies, it’s going to have a happy ending.