What are your plans for the summer?

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Amanda Panlilio

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Amanda Panlilio, Cub Reporter

School is ending soon and summer break is coming up. All of us have plans to do during the summer. It could be going on a trip with your friends or family or maybe go to camp and meet new people along the way.

Even though some of us hate summer because of the weather and may have sun tan, we all at least have something to do in the summer even if it’s just the simplest boring thing ever.

Here are some of the students plans during the short summer vacations we will have this year.

A-TECH Maverick’s Summer Plans:

Chrystal Covarrubias – Freshman

“I’m going to a jiu jitsu summer programs and try to go for morning runs. Also walk my dog”

Cynthia Barragan – Junior

“I don’t have any plans. Just stay home…I don’t know, just wing it.”

Brendan Jacobs – Junior

“Go on vacation I guess. Maybe California.”

Amaris Davis – Freshman

“Go out of town.”

Rebeca Barboza – Freshman

“Try to get 9 hours of sleep probably. Hang out with friends which won’t happen. Do shopping maybe…you know, girly stuff.”

Mickey Castro – Freshman

“A lot of things I plan to do over the summer is work with my father and also gonna work out and learn taekwondo with my buddies. Last, but not least, I plan to improve my drawings and graphic design skills.