“Everything Everything” Book Review


Amanda Panlilio

Google image: “Everything Everything” book front cover

Amanda Panlilio, Cub Reporter

Do you guys enjoy reading teen romance novel?

Well “Everything Everything” written by Nicola Yoon, seems to describe it for me in my opinion. If romance is your type of book then I recommend this book unless you hate it.


To give you the small info about the book, a girl named Maddy has a type of “disease” where she only stayed at home for 17 years. A boy named Olly moved in next door to Maddy with his family and later on in the story, they start to have interest in each other and dramatic stuff happens.

It started of by emailing to each other. Then getting permission to go to each other’s houses. Then Maddy lying to her mom just to see Olly. Then going to the hospital and Olly’s family “moving out”. Then Maddy’s mom hiding secrets from her.


It would be how they met and started  to have interest in each other at first sight. Also, Maddy sneaking out to go to  trip with Olly and them enjoying their time.


When something tragic happen to Maddy because of her disease. It was like giving you the feeling when the main character is in trouble and you just want to save her/him. Also, when Maddy’s mom told the truth to Maddy that she has been hiding and I wanted to slap her mom because all this time Maddy could have done all the things she wishes to do in her life but instead stayed in a house for 17 years.


But throughout the reading, I seemed to enjoy the story where young love happens and some cheesy stuff was said. It was well written in first point of view of the main character, Maddy. As if it was her diary that we are reading. There are some parts in the book where it’s boring to read but overall I enjoyed it. It had a nice plot to the story and some sad moments. It could sometimes give you the romantic excitement from both characters.