Realistic Things People Will Do During Summer

Estephanie Jimenez, Editor

We all want to believe that this summer will be the summer where we do amazing things that are great for story telling. For example, walk the Strip, meet someone famous, or have a summer romance, but let’s be real we all probably will just stay home and do nothing.

Actually, scratch that. I probably will have one summer romance, just not with another human being, but with my couch and Netflix.

Most of us will spend the summer wasting away, binge-watching shows or movies such as Gossip Girl. We all will probably take this summer to really watch as much TV as possible in our shortened than normal amount of summer.

Needless to say, a lot of screaming at characters displayed in an electronic device will occur. But hey, if there’s a lot of pent up anger at a character for doing something dumb it just has to be let out, no stopping the inevitable.


Another not so exciting summer thing that we will all do is sleep.

Sleep anywhere at anytime without worries or homework in the back of our minds. In fact, we all will probably sleep more than what is recommended by a doctor or what is actually healthy for us. We’ll probably sleep so much that when it gets around to the time where we go back to back to school it’ll take us a good two weeks to get back on the school sleeping schedule.

You see this will be a major problem because we’ll go from sleeping to as much as we like to sometimes not getting any sleep at all because let’s face it, we are A-TECH students: what actually is sleep?

I guess we’ll find out during summer.


Oh here’s the real kicker: we’ll see what fun our friends in school are having through social media and daydream about the things that we want to do that aren’t really possible with the lack of money we have. Take going to a different country for example, we all want to go to Paris during the summer, but most of us lack the resources to do so.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I surely will wallow in self pity for all the things my friends can do that I can’t. #salty.


However, when we go back to school most of us will make it seem like we didn’t spend almost all of the summer inside the safety of our home.

Keeping Netflix in mind, we will say we were involved in a lot of personal drama (I take all of my favorite characters on a show problems very personally).

Keeping sleep in mind, we will tell them about a dream we had, but word it differently to make it seem like we actually lived through it in real life.

Keeping social media in mind, we will make Nevada seem like an amazing foreign country that we went to visit over the summer.


So if you count the little white lies technically we had a summer worth telling just like one in the movies.