7 Things to Do With a Family on a Budget

Estephanie Jimenez, Editor

As the end of the school year approaches there are a countless amount of things in our mind, one of them being how we should spend time with our family.

However, let’s be honest, family quality time isn’t always as great as it seems, especially when you’re on a budget.

Pick and choose from the following list of  Things to Do with Family on a budget that will surely lighten up the experience as you please.

  1.  Driving or hiking through the mountains

Whether you would want to actually talk to your family members or not, hiking is one of the most entertaining things to do. Red Rock Canyon offers various trails that you have the power to choose from in according to your own preferences. Want to take it easy and just enjoy nature take the Moenkopi trail that is categorized as its difficulty being  “easy” and offers “panoramic views of the Wilson Cliffs, there are connecting trails to the Calico Hills area”. Want to have a bit more of a challenge difficulty wise? Take the Calico Hills that is considered to be a moderate trail hike. Want a major challenge that really pays off in the end? Take the Turtlehead Peak has a difficulty level of “strenuous”. The great thing about all things trails is that it only costs $3 for an all day pass. Hiking never sounded better.

If you prefer not to engage in physical exercise, driving through the mountains is an outstanding second choice. You’re able to take perfect pictures from the inside of your car too and not have to interact with the heat! Car sight-seeing also allows you to go places you never thought were possible before.

Either choices are great.


2. Festivals and Movies

photo credit: DDASILVA114

If you want to be a little old school over the summer, the West Wind Drive-In 6 is perfect for you! General Admission only cost $7.50 and get this, you’re allowed to watch as many movies as you want over the course of the night. Sometimes on certain days they even have a mini carnival taking place by the snack house. There always is a ferris wheel, face paint, and jumpers.

Speaking of snacks if you’re running low on money, more than usual, you can bring in your own food; something you can’t do in the regular movie theaters, just saying.

You can also have a memorable experience with your family.


3. Indoor Ice Skating

When the summer days get exceptionally hot, sometimes you just want to be involved with the ice and cold temperature; the Fiesta Rancho Casino offers just that. They even have a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights to go along with the public skating schedule. How cool is that! Admission only cost $7 and if you want to rent skates an additional $3. According to their website, “It’s the coolest place to skate”.

It might actually be entertaining to watch your parents try to skate.


4. Regular Skating

Have trouble on ice? Scared of being on a silver blade yet still want to have fun skating? Crystal Place is the perfect place for you then. Depending on which day you go the prices can range from $8-$10 for individuals with a $3 fee if you choose to rent skates. One of the great things about Crystal palace is that there is always great music playing that you can jam out too that of course your parents wouldn’t scold you for hearing.


5. Participate in a Scavenger Hunt

One of the great things about scavenger hunts is that you don’t even need to leave your home or waste a penny. All you really would need is paper and a pen to write down the things you need to find. The list can range from food ingredients to clothes or even household tools. Having your family go on a wild goose chase will certainly make your day more memorable.


6. Be a tourist

As a Las Vegas resident walking around the strip is completely free! You wouldn’t even have to pay for parking if you park at Caesars Palace or if you don’t feel like going down the strip you can go to famous museums. In addition, you can sight see the homes of famous wealthy people who live in Vegas. You can take this summer as an opportunity to be a tourist in your own city with your family. Feel free to act as silly as your heart desires.


7.  Volunteer

photo credit: Watermelon Mountain Ranch

There’s nothing like giving back to the community. Your able to volunteer anywhere, there is a wide range of options for you to choose from. One can volunteer in a children hospital and offer to read children’s book to the young or at a museum. If you prefer not to work with child but with animals an animal shelter would be great for you! Volunteering has numerous advantages such as looking great on a collage resume, building your credibility, building your character, collecting work experience, and overall a better understanding of the less fortunate. Volunteering with family will surely help you form a stronger connection towards each other like never before.