Flyest of the Fries

Flyest of the Fries

In our third installment of food reviews, we’re on the prowl for some delicious, salty pieces of cut potato. We’re of course talking about French Fries!

For this review, we will be tasting the fries in all shapes and sizes. Everything from the classic shape, to the thickest of fries. The places we will trying fries from are:

  • Fatburger
  • McDonald’s
  • Del Taco
  • Jack in the Box
  • Wendy’s
  • In-N-Out

We’ll be judging these tasty potato creations with the following criteria- taste, smell, cleanliness, seasoning, and price. We define fries as fried bits of potato, usually with some sort of seasoning.

Del Taco
Jack In The Box


Overall: Whew! We tried a lot of fries, and unlike chicken nuggets or donuts, you truly don’t know how many fries you’re going to get. Whether it’s a literal meal like McDonald’s, or the only thing you can eat during the day like Fatburger, fries are truly unique. As for our vote on what we decided what was the best fries, it turned out to be Wendy’s! I'm sure the smug twitter acco...

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