A-TECH Fashion

Kimberly Flores and Aaliyah Torres

People have their own clothing style right? We would hope at least. At A-TECH we all wear different clothes with different colors and styles. Anybody could walk around and see somebody basically looking like they’re sponsored by a brand to somebody who has sweats and a hoodie on. We truly have a large variety of different styles here.

Freshman Ruben Leon chose a “matching” outfit of a collared black polo shirt with white joggers and black Adidas.

“I’m going out after school,” Leon said when asked why he chose the outfit.


Hazel Pavon, another freshman chose a “flowy” outfit consisting of a lightweight jacket with a scoop-neck black skater dress and slip-on canvas shoes with a floral design.

“I chose this outfit because summer is starting to come” said Pavon.


Sophomore, Tey’Veon Fears chose a button up black dress shirt with white jeans and black high-top shoes. With of course a nice gold chain.

Tey’Veon claimed, “ You could wear random pants and have a shirt and shoes that match, and you’ll be good.”


Senior, Luisa Alvarez Valles chose a black dress with a kimono. The kimono she’s wearing has a pink floral design. She also has on maroon strapped heels and a long ring. It was Adulting Day, so seniors had to dress up how they would dress when they’re adults.

Valles said, “ So I want my own law firm, so I’m gonna dress how I wanna dress, maybe sometimes I’ll wear suits and pants sometimes I’ll wear a dress and a kimono since it’s gonna be my law firm with my rules.”


Freshman, Hanze De Guzman. He wore a white Tee with black stripes, with black jeans and black Adidas. His outfit was described “basic”.

Guzman claimed, “I wore this because it’s the first thing I found.” Pretty relatable if I say so myself.


Junior, Marlyne Castro wore Harry Potter Slytherin T-Shirt with light blue jeans with a green flannel tied around her waist, lastly she has on black and white Nikes. She describes her outfit as ‘comfortable’.

Castros said, “I wore this because it’s Friday.”


Last Freshman, Rebeca Barboza. She wore a denim jacket with a black striped shirt and black leggings and black and white Vans. She described her outfit as ‘trendy’.

Barboza said, “I chose this because I didn’t know where my other shirt was.”


In the end we all have different styles of clothing. It all just depends on what you like. So what’s your style?