Senior Crowns

Seniors were given their crowns by STUCO last Monday during the start of senior week. These crowns come from Burger King and were spray-painted black or silver, seniors were able to take the crowns early on the previous Friday, May 19, if they wanted to decorate their crowns early. Some took the crowns early, which were unpainted, but it seemed most seniors took their crowns on Monday, May 22, when the Senior Breakfast was held. Seniors have been decorating their crowns and some continue to add onto theirs. Senior crowns are a great way to show school spirit as seniors get ready to graduate, the crowns symbolize their strength in attending their four years of high school.

Below are some seniors who spoke about their crown designs and why they chose to decorate their crowns in the way they did.


The Crowns


Colleen Mccoy
Saavi Garcelon
Gage Leary
Ryan Boone
Lauren Perez
Miranda Cain

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