BTS Making History


from @BTS_twt

Lucy Vargas, Staff Writer

It was the early afternoon of May 21. It was hot, it was crowded, it was great. I went to the red carpet with a few friends and bless it was great! We arrived two hours before the actual red carpet started, we waited for a while and we got pretty close. I was wearing a birthday pin because we were kinda celebrating my birthday, anyways, in general it was really cool. The fans better known as A.R.M.Y were really sweet towards other fans. They passed out food and drinks as well as photocards! I was able to snag three, bless. As time went on we sang along to the music and chanted for BTS as well. They also sang happy birthday in both Korean and English! Ahh so sweet, almost 45 minutes before the red carpet started E! news came by and told us to start screaming and cheering when they pointed at us. You guys I was on the news! Most of us were screaming and shouting, showing off all our merch and it was just amazing watching all of the A.R.M.Y get together and cheer for our boys.

Now let me tell you it was like 3 minutes before the red carpet started and a white limo hummer with the MGM Grand logo showed up. Many other fans were like, “its not them fam they are coming in a black one”. I was right. The minute it hit three o’clock the doors opened, out came out my boys. I screamed so loud. They looked so great, beyond handsome, they looked like gods.  After everyone noticed it was BTS, oml everyone started to push and like I was screaming their names, waving around, hoping to get noticed. Then it happened. Park, cute little squishy-beautiful-angel Jimin, waved at me. Now I know some may say nah, he didn’t fam, he was probably waving to everyone in general, nah nah nahhhhhh. There was this moment where like he could clearly see me and we made direct eye contact. I waved so eagerly and he noticed, waving back before he had to leave. You guys I died, the two girls I was next to were like girl ahhh he noticed youuuuuuuu. Bless, it was a great start.

Now my main goal was to see BTS and support them, but I did get to see Camila Cabello and Halsey, they looked amazing. After that we just left and rushed to my friend Sam’s house to watch the event in her home theater. Now we sat there with two other friends, who I met that day and happened to be friends with Sam, and we were screaming. Everytime the camera was on them when we could see them, we just screamed. We played “Try to spot BTS” and just played their songs during the commercial breaks and just had fun. Then the moment came. They were announcing the nominees for Top Social Artist…BTS WON THEY WON MY BABIES WON LITTLE FLUFFY BEANS DID YOU HEAR THE FIRST WORD THEY SAID ON LIVE TELEVISION??? ARMY THEY SAID ARMY THEY SAID THE NAME OF THEIR FANS.

I am so proud honestly it was so nice, congrats to all winner congrats to my fluffy beans.