Once Upon A WHAT!?!

“Once Upon a Time” The Musical Episode Lyric Book cover from abc

Miranda Cain, Editor

So Sunday May 7, “Once Upon A Time” premiered the musical episode fans everywhere had probably been asking for (I had not but, ya know, whatever). However, this whole episode seemed to be totally disrupted by the singing.

Pretty much the singing starts right off the bat and it doesn’t really make sense. Snow White wishes for someway to save her daughter. Suddenly everyone starts singing and it almost changes the entire story. Then the blue fairy shows up and goes no one was supposed to be singing only Emma should sing and then everyone forgets.

How does any of that make sense? If Emma had this magical, mystical singing power why, five seasons in, are they still not using it? Why go through all this drama every time a villain comes along when she can just sing them away?

Then early in the episode the Black Fairy was all like here’s a big dark thing that will curse the whole town they spend all episode trying to solve it then they just ignore the problem in favor of getting married and having a huge song and dance number. WHAT!?! Why would you just ignore the problem? You can get married any day but this problem is like happening RIGHT NOW.

Overall as an episode that might be right before the ending of the series this episode was really disappointing.

If you don’t believe me and watch to watch the episode yourself, abc has it posted online on their site. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  

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