Disney Grad Night: Hail No

Johanna Guerrero, Editor-in-Chief

Seniors of all kind and from many high schools attended the Disney Grad Nite 2017 celebration on May 6, 2017. The celebration started at 10 P.M. in the California Adventure park where the whole park was closed off for seniors. There were some DJ booths set up at select locations around the park where people danced and everyone generally had a good time. The night was fun until the unexpected of the unexpected happened: it hailed. At a predicted forecast of 67% chance of rain the whole day had gone without anything but a slight drizzle when at about 12:30 A.M. the drizzle came and then it suddenly hailed.



— Haley Yamagata on A-TECH Class of 2017: Seniors


I was there too. There were these cabanas, and there were like holes between the cabanas and I embraced it and danced in the hail while everyone was screaming in line. I was poppin it and droppin it low. Typical michael stuff ya know. And the hail pelted me but I was having fun”

— Michael Horowitz on A-TECH Class of 2017: Seniors page in response to Haley Yamagata

My two friends from LVA and Armani Gillum were getting food when the hail hit. My two friends went running into the girls bathroom, where boys were also taking shelter. I grabbed my food since it cost me a mini fortune and ran over by the food court thing were armani and I huddled up next to other students. It was miserable. I had hail lodged into my hair”

— Toni Calzada on A-TECH Class of 2017: Seniors page


We were at Flo’s V8 cafe and then we decided to go on the goofy ride after resting for a while. So we began to walk. A few sprinkles came down but that was nothing new. Then it started pouring but it wasn’t a big deal. Then we were attacked by satan’s snowballs and the rave turned into the zombie apocalypse as we all fought to find shelter”

— Imani-Allyse Mitchell on A-TECH Class of 2017: Seniors page


I had to shake ice out of my hood. I was very wet.”

— Helaman Sung


No it’s a trigger. I’m not willing to remember because it was a build up to the biggest betrayal of my LIFE”

— Michael Horowitz on A-TECH Class of 2017: Seniors page


We were eating Chinese food right outside the rave. Everybody from the rave ran under the cover and a good 3 people fell and hit their head on the pavement.”

— Theo Thomas on A-TECH Class of 2017: Seniors page


Me and my friends had already gone inside Flo’s Cafe because we all wanted to go inside and be like, not cold, and we were just chilling before we started to hear hail falling outside and we just kinda sat there like ‘oh.’”

— Brianna Varner on A-TECH Class of 2017: Seniors page


Colleen, Aviel, Gaby, Jayde and I just got off the Radiator Springs Racers ride and it started raining heavily. We hid under a very small awning cover and got pelted by hail.”

— Anutr Sivakoses on A-TECH Class of 2017: Seniors page


So me and my group had just gotten off of the Ferris wheel. I was checking my pockets and noticed that my phone was gone!! I went to go see if it was still on the ride while my group waited for me inside of the the souvenir shops. I had to wait until the Ferris wheel made a full cycle b4 I could check to see if my phone was in there. Thank goodness my phone was there! I head to the souvenir shop and out of nowhere it starts HAILING LIKE CRAZY. All you see is herds of people running for shelter. Me and my group were just in the souvenir shop wondering what just happened!”

— Alassane S. Fofana on A-TECH Class of 2017: Seniors page



Vanina, Maryvy, Mario, & I were waiting to get on the Ferris wheel when the hail storm attacked & everyone ran to a nearby umbrella. We were next in line so we got on the ride & regretted it immediately as we got stuck at the highest peak of the ride for a good 15 minutes, freezing.”

— Karla J. Lopez on A-TECH Class of 2017: Seniors page


For A-TECH students, we had to wait until 2:00 A.M. to leave at the end of the Grad Nite 2017 celebration for the buses to arrive and the process of riding of getting onto a tram and finding the buses prolonged our leave time until 3:00 A.M. Everyone who came to buses came back as survivors from the hail.