Grad Night Meh

So, Grad Night, that happened.


Everything was going good (other than that one bus that broke down) until we stopped in Barstow. Okay, when you’re on your way to anything and stop in Barstow you go to Barstow Station. I have seen tons of tour groups and school groups stop in Barstow station (I know because they annoy me greatly). We get to Barstow and when we pass the station I start to get concerned. By the time we stop we are on like the fringes of Barstow, but we’re between a Panda Express and an In n Out Burger so I can’t complain yet. We get out and everything is still closed because it’s 9:00 A.M. on a Saturday. What are we supposed to do? Luckily there were some things a ways over that were open and the In n Out Burger opened early for us.


Then after the long long drive where half of my bus decided to sing the whole way, we got there and then the wait for security starts. First they go through the list of things not allowed in the park, no biggie just leave it on the bus or throw it out moving on. Then they search through your bag, you go through a metal detector, and then the drug dog sniffs you. Frankly, after all of this I felt like I was going into prison instead of going into Disneyland.


After all of that I was hanging out with a group and slowly but surely each of them left until there was just me and two other people. At this point I needed to get something for my mom and I asked if we could meet up after. I lost the two other people after I finished shopping so I kept trying to find my people. Through a series of miscommunications I came to the conclusion that they no longer wanted to hang out with me so I ended up wandering around California Adventure BY MYSELF for like five hours. I was not pleased.


Finally, there was the weather. So for most of the day it drizzled and it was just a small detriment throughout the day. Around 11:00 P.M. I was standing in line to see Mickey and Minnie when it started to drizzle again (no big deal), then it started to rain (starting to be a problem), then suddenly hail. Not cool. All night it kept raining and it has been a couple days since and I have yet to get warm.
Overall, Grad Night had some fun portions, but overall I would have rather just gone with a small group overall.  

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