The Unicorn Trend

The Unicorn Trend

Estephanie Jimenez, Editor

As a fellow makeup and fashion lover I have come to notice a really particular trend floating around the internet: unicorns. I Heart Makeup created a new unicorn highlighter that has caused conversation to stir.

The highlighter is carved into the shape of a heart and according to Tam Beauty,It is the highlighter you have all been waiting for – get the magical Unicorn glow with this rainbow highlighter that blends perfectly and is as buildable as you want it to be. Get the perfect colourful iridescent rainbow glow. Made by real unicorns.”

However, I highly doubt it was made by a real unicorn. Unicorns, don’t have hands!!

I Heart Makeup isn’t the only brand wanting in on the trend. Well known cosmetic companies such as Too Faced and Tarte have created products that have been shared thousands of time on Social Media.

User @JordDonovan21 from twitter posted ” while another user said, “Unicorn by Too Faced is so beautiful”

The Tarte Magic wands brush set are actually in so high demand that the company had placed a limit of 1 order per customer. The set contains 5 brushes and retails for about $39 on the tarte website. Many fans love the brushes for two reasons, the first one being reason that it resembles a mythical unicorn horn and the other reason is because it’s vegan friendly.

While the brushes are in such a high demand so are the Unicorn Tears lipstick by Two Faced. The lipstick appears to have a sheer look to them that make them look a bit glittery.

The creativity that the unicorn trend is inspiring throughout all beauty gurus is astonishing. Makeup artists of today are using different eyeshadows to create a unicorn goddess look. Inspiration is everywhere.


I for one cannot understand this whole unicorn trend. However, one thing is clear, this trend will not leave anytime soon.