Kick the Ball!!


Liam Tinoco kicking the ball. (Photo taken by Wenxin Chen)

Allison Clark and Wenxin Chen

In the middle of AP testing and worrying about End of Course exams, students are enjoying the easygoing fun of kickball in P.E.

Much like baseball, in kickball players run bases and get home. However, instead of hitting a baseball with a bat, the players must kick a ball.

A player can be out by being tagged with the ball, or when the base they’re running to is touched with the ball. Also, if a player tries twice to kick the ball, and they miss or kick fouls, they are out. However, if a player kicks a ball in the air and it is caught, they are out.

A team can have three outs before they switch with the other team.

Not everybody is great at kickball, some people can’t kick and some can’t catch. Some people have absolutely no confidence in their abilities.

“On a scale from one to ten,” said freshman Catalina Luna, “I’m a negative ten.”

8th period P.E. playing kickball (photo taken by Wenxin Chen)

For most of the people at A-TECH, being “inside” is better than “outside”. But that doesn’t mean kickball isn’t fun, lots of students enjoy playing.

“I like kicking stuff,” said freshman Jennifer Gonzalez, “and kicking it far.”

What’s so great about kickball? Students get to kick the ball, and it gives them a sense of power.

Kickball is not just a game. It brings students closer together.

“I feel like a winner,” said freshman Nathaly Alves.

Kickball is a great sport for all students to participate in and feel empowered. It builds confidence, even for those who don’t usually enjoy sports.