The Animals of A-TECH


Last year the Maverick Pulse ended the year with a feature of student’s dogs at A-TECH, and now this year, with a few weeks left before final exams, we are showcasing not just dogs, but the student body’s various kinds of pets as well.


Donovan Brooks, Sophomore


“Our dog is crazy, he’s kind of spoiled, he’s demanding, and he thinks he’s above everyone but he really isn’t. He’s also really annoying.”


 Scott Tuzon, Sophomore


“He is very active and also very protective of his family. Plus, he can get really excited and emotional when his family comes back from a long trip.”


Erin Knoppel, Sophomore


“She’s the youngest of four, still a kitten and she’s very playful. She likes watching birds and wrestling with her kitty friends. She’s 17 pounds and loves belly rubs.”


Skyler Lange, Junior


“Major is very relaxed when he’s around his family but when strangers come over he turns into a mini devil. He loves to cuddle and get his belly rubbed because he’s my good boy.”


Johanna Guerrero, Senior


“She’s timid around new people but is easily very friendly. She likes hugs, is very polite, and a good listener. She runs so fast that her front paws don’t touch the ground.. Luxxx is small for a pitbull so she’s definitely not intimidating. People can be scared of her at first but she’s so shy and polite that people feel okay.”


Rachelle Lewis, Junior


“Very lazy and sleeps all the time.”


Ariana Sarmiento, Junior


“Hates kids and loves yoghurt”


Neha Shah, Junior


“budgie bird who hates everyone but me”


Gabriella Christian, Junior


“hes orange and enjoys eating bugs and throwing up.”


Finn Lakeotes, Senior

Joseph Stalin

“He’s about the size of a cheeseburger and loves to run. He digs a lot of the day and enjoys long walks in the sun. His favorite time to dig is 6am on weekends only. His favorite foods consist of red cabbage, kale, and romaine lettuce.”


Krizia Heilhecker, Sophomore


“Baby dog who is small and angry, likes walks but is old and tired, and generally doesn’t like people.”