Movies that Deserve a Sequel


Picture by John Fellner used by CC by 2.0

Miranda Cain, Editor

Ok let’s be frank. Some movies don’t deserve a sequel. Percy Jackson did not need a sequel (especially one that was as bad as the first), the star wars prequels, ya know those movies. However, on the flip side there are those movies that just needed a sequel and it never came. These are some of those movies:

1. Rise of the Guardians

This movie was Dreamworks adaptation of a children’s book series was probably intended to be a cute kids movie that would make enough to justify its creation. However, it has become almost a cult classic within certain circles. This movie has such premise that could be expanded into a series of movies. It’s Santa clause, the easter bunny, tooth fairy, sandman, and jack frost saving children from the things that go bump in the night, this seems like it’s should be the little kid version of the avengers! Alas it is not and here we are five years later still waiting for a movie that will probably never come.

2. Real Steel

Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo were standout in this robot version of Rocky, herein lies why I think this movie deserves a sequel at minimum and a series at best. They stretched Rocky out into like seven movies, why can’t they do the same thing with a robot version of it? I’m sure that Hugh Jackman would cost a lot of money but come on this movie was so good. I want to see Adam fight more opponents and I want to know more about the underground robot fight scene. There are so many possible ways they could take this but we wait six years later because someone can’t figure out how to remake Rocky with robots.  

3. The League of Extraordinary Gentleman

Now here’s a movie probably next to no one has heard of but I think it was fabulous and no one can tell me any different. Again another movie that had the potential to become something akin to the avengers and it was squashed in its infancy. Here a group of different literary heroes band together to save the world in the late 1800’s. This movie had everything: romance, intrigue, mystery. Why was there no sequel!?! They even set it up perfectly to lead into at least a second movie but here we wait fourteen years later and they still refuse to show us what happens to Quartermain. Not cool man.

4. The Breakfast Club

Finally a classic, the breakfast club. Need I say more. They even made a sequel to Grease for pete’s sake why can’t they drag this out into an unnecessary but much wanted sequel. Everything out of this movie was incredible, there is a reason it is called a classic and still holds our attention thirty two years after its release. At the very least if you won’t make a sequel make a bad remake, something, anything. This movie was too good to just leave it alone for thirty two years!!