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Violin picture taken by Wenxin Chen
Trombone picture taken by Allison Clark
Photo Illustration by Wenxin Chen

Violin picture taken by Wenxin Chen Trombone picture taken by Allison Clark Photo Illustration by Wenxin Chen

Violin picture taken by Wenxin Chen Trombone picture taken by Allison Clark Photo Illustration by Wenxin Chen

Band vs. Orchestra

June 1, 2017

Is band or orchestra better?

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Why Band is Better than Orchestra

Some people say orchestra is better than band, but some say band is better. To me, band is better.

Ok maybe you will say orchestra is better than band, because some people are stubborn and you may be one of them, I interviewed several people who think band is better than orchestra, let them tell you why band is better.=

1. Orchestra makes you feel sleepy

In my opinion, orchestra sounds boring. But band is different, band is fun, and the music the band plays is lively. Band is better.

Maybe you will say that band is a little loud, but that’s the interesting part. It keeps you awake.

Unlike band, the music that the orchestra plays is often soft and slow just like your math teacher. It makes you feel there is paste in your brain which makes you sleepy.

2. Orchestra is sad

Freshman Naoto Ninanodo, who plays alto saxophone in band in A-TECH said,”Orchestra is horrible. It sounds boring and it’s unlively compared to band, which is exciting and beautiful and funny.”

Trombone inside case (Photo Taken by Allison Clark)

According to Ninanodo, “Band is loud and exciting” and comes with another benefit. “We use it to turn girls on.”

He also thinks that orchestra is “boring” and “uneventful” because “everything sounds the same, everything is string instruments. It’s just sad. Everything’s just sad,” continued Ninanodo.

“When you start off, orchestra sounds more worse, because all you can hear is squeaking, it sounds worse,” he added about beginning orchestra players.

“It’s harder,” he said.

3. People will start dancing when band plays

To Christopher Hughes, an A-TECH freshman who plays as part in band, band is more his kind of music.

“Band sounded better to me, it sounded more my style of music,”said Hughes.

He thinks that band is “louder, people will actually sit there and start dancing. ”

But in his opinion, orchestra is different.

“With orchestra, you just sit there and try not to fall asleep,”said Hughes.

When asked the question what kind of person does he think should go to band or orchestra, he replied with “somber, quiet and shy people for orchestra but loud, outgoing and optimistic for band. “

People are happy when they are dancing, and not as happy when they fall asleep in a concert or show. Naturally, band is better.

4. The community in band is better than orchestra

“I like band better just probably from my middle school experience,” said Myah Walker, an A-TECH sophomore who plays clarinet in band.

In most of the people opinion, band kids are more like outgoing and active just like its music, but the music the orchestra plays is usually sad and heavy just like most of the band people.

In Walker’s opinion, “the band kids were like really friendly and energetic.”

Because of the community, some people think band is the best.

Trombone (Photo taken by Allison Clark)

“I think it just the community makes me like band the most.” said Walker. 

Because most of the people in band are more outgoing, it will be easier for them to accept new ideas and new people.

5. You get to play pieces of fun music in band

“You get to play some pieces of really fun musics in band. If you like theme songs, like songs in the movies, it is really fun,” said Katheryn Ellis, a freshman who plays flute in the A-TECH band. 

In band, same as orchestra, you will be teach to play music in the instrument that you chose.

But the differences are, band plays variety type of music than orchestra. For example, modern popular music. Even orchestra can play popular music, but the music it plays usually turn into serious, and sad type of music.

But band is different, band music is usually fun and exciting, because it is more vivid, which will make people happy.

“Also, you will get to play pieces you’ve never seen before,” Katheryn added. 


So, these are the reasons people who think band is better than orchestra gave.

You may started to think band is better than orchestra, but you may not.

But it doesn’t matter, because it is good for people to have their own thought, but not just follow the flow.



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Why Orchestra Is Better Than Band

Today I will resolve the infamous question every high schooler asks. Which is better: Band or orchestra? Well, I know the answer to that. . .

Orchestra is much better. Don’t believe me? Let’s see if you do after you read all the reasons orchestra is better than band.

1. Orchestra is Beautiful and Delicate.

While band is being loud and obnoxious, orchestra is busy bringing beauty and true music to A-TECH. Orchestra is thrilling to listen to, and shows a true sense of art with all the mood shifts within the music.

“I always thought the strings were more complicated, more beautiful than band,” said Rochelle Flores, a violin player.

Rochelle’s not the only one that thinks that, many others do too.

Violinist Eleebeth Martin Agustin said, “Creating the music with everyone, it’s really something beautiful.” 

So, orchestra is beautiful, which makes it better than band. Band, while it can be entertaining, is nothing compared to orchestra. Music is one of the most beautiful things in life, and orchestra proves that.

Paulina Martinez Santos playing violin (Photo taken by Wenxin Chen)

2. Band Makes your Eardrums Bleed.

Unlike band, orchestra is soft and soothing. In band, the music is so loud that you can’t enjoy the music.

“It’s not as loud as band,” said ex-violist Tristan Moore, “We don’t go as deaf.”

Band is so loud that your ears are in pain by the time the music is over. That doesn’t sound good to me.

The sound of band is like daggers being stabbed into your ears repeatedly until the music is finally over. Orchestra isn’t like this, it is pleasant, and people don’t lose their hearing by the time it is over.

3. In Orchestra, Everybody Matters.

All the instruments have to work together in orchestra in order to make beautiful music. Everybody has to be good, because an orchestra is only as good as it’s worst player.

“In an orchestra, you have to work together,” said Eleebeth Martin Agustin, “If one person messes up, the whole thing will just mess up.”

This is different from band. In band, if someone messes up, nobody notices, since it’s too loud. In orchestra, the whole group has to work together to make everything perfect.

In orchestra, everybody plays a vital role, which makes you feel important. When everybody feels important, everybody plays well.

 4. Orchestra Takes More Effort Than Band.

Playing a stringed instrument teaches you a lot of patience, because it takes a lot of practice to get it just right. That doesn’t mean that playing a band instrument isn’t difficult, of course it is. However, playing a stringed instrument takes a lot more to get it just right.

A violin and bow inside a case. (Photo Taken by Wenxin Chen)

“You have to put a lot of effort into what your playing,” said Rochelle Flores, “The strings on all of the stringed instruments that you play in an orchestra are very difficult.”

That’s very true. It takes hours upon hours of practicing to master just one song.

Band people might say that because band is easier, it is better. However, that just isn’t the case. An instrument is only worth the work you put in.

“It shows more maturity,” said violist Kaitlyn Corpuz.

Since playing an instrument takes so much practice, players show that they are willing to work really hard in order to be good. Since orchestral instruments require more effort, they are better.

5. Orchestra is a lot of Fun.

Although it might not look like it on the surface, being apart of an orchestra is a lot of fun. This includes everything from rosining the bow to making the music.

“I played the viola,” said Tristan Moore, “It was really fun.”

Instruments are one of the most fun things in orchestra. Almost everybody enjoys playing their instrument.

“I was chosen to play the bass,” said Jennifer Gonzalez, “It makes me stand out from the other instruments.”

Even though orchestra is a lot of work, in the end it is fun to come together with everybody and play good music. Everybody can laugh and smile after playing a good concert with their friends.

So, which one do you think is better now? Band, or orchestra?

If you’ve been paying any attention then you know that orchestra is better. But don’t take it from me, take it from the talented young musicians I put in this article. Trust them, since they know what they’re talking about.



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