So I Finally Watched “The Walking Dead”


photo by Casey Florig under CC by 2.0

Miranda Cain, Editors

I finally watched The Walking Dead and I have some concerns. (FYI, spoilers ahead).

First of all, within the first two episodes, I had issues with Rick (aka. Sad eyes) he is directly at fault for the death of that horse. The only bright bit of the horribly boring first episode is Rick finding that horse. He was a good boy, he was just chilling in his little enclosure and then this so-and-so pulled him out of his happy life and left him to be eaten by zombies in the middle of Atlanta. Rick was not off to a good start.

Then entered one of the two characters I actually like. Glen, oh Glen, how you made sitting through the entire boring, horse killing first episode worth it. He was so funny and adorable and as far as I am concerned he can do no wrong. Yes, I know he eventually dies but I prefer to live in ignorance and pretend it never happens (until I am forced to confront this reality).

Also, in like the first three episodes, they leave a guy on a roof… basically to die from exposure!? The one guy (T-Dog, but I call him Stereotype) was like “I locked the door so zombies can get him!” Oh yeah, because exposure is such a better way to die than being eaten by a zombie.

Next, there is the whole cheating wife with the best friend thing. I mean come on, I get that there needs to be drama, but come on. Also, I understand that the world has basically ended that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to suddenly sleep with your (dead or not) husband’s best friend. Then she just starts treating both men terribly; Then suddenly she’s pregnant and they never figure out whose kid is it and at this point, I feel Lori needs to die already. No joke, I cannot wait for this character to go away.

My final point for this edition is Sophia. Remember the little blonde girl that dies in season two? Yeah, she and everyone else involved in that situation is a moron. The whole situation is that the group is stopped on the highway, and they’re looting through cars when they tell everyone to get under cars to hide from a huge zombie horde (because we need to cover ourselves in zombie’s guts to hide from them but just quietly hiding under a car or in an RV suddenly makes you invisible). They all finally think that the horde has passed and this little moron is the first one to crawl out from under her car and surprise surprise there is a zombie right there. Now wouldn’t any self-respecting kid know to wait for an adult to get up first then get out (I mean the kid under the car next to her got the memo). Then, of course, she runs into the conveniently placed forest next to her and Rick runs after her and distracts the zombies.  He tells her to run back to the group and then gives her the vaguest directions ever, for a twelve-year-old. He tells her to keep the sun behind her left side, however, doesn’t the sun move? Also, those are the worst directions to give a frightened twelve-year-old, she’s not gonna remember that.

In summary, this show seems questionable yet oddly satisfying and that is why I give it my stamp of approval.