The Last Jedi or Something

Miranda Cain, Editor

Last Friday the official trailer for the next Star Wars movie released and I now know nothing more about this movie.

After watching the trailer several times I am not excited about this movie and so far it is not holding up to the bar that “The Force Awakens” set.

After watching “The Force Awakens” trailer everyone was filled with this happiness, joy, and excitement. You couldn’t wait to see the Millennium Falcon and return to this much beloved universe to see where this new story line would take us. You knew the dark side had risen again and Luke was missing and this girl meant something.

After watching the trailer for “The Last Jedi” all I’m feeling is meh. All I know from this trailer is Rey falls down and there are explosions and Finn is still out of commission.

 A trailer is meant to tell you a little bit about the movie without telling you too much, but “The Last Jedi” took it the complete opposite direction by telling us nothing.

How can a trailer tell you nothing about a movie!? That’s pretty much the whole point of a trailer!! Then on top of not telling you anything, because admittedly there are good ways a trailer can tell you nothing, the trailer doesn’t make you excited to see the movie. Trailers are supposed to make you go pre-order the tickets and this trailer just makes you go meh.  

“The Last Jedi,” or something, appears to be taking the Star Wars franchise where many franchises have gone before, beating a horse until you can physically no longer get another movie out of it.

Or maybe I’m wrong and the movie will prove to be much better than it’s sucky first impression. Only time will tell us more.