AP Exam Pre-Administration


Scantron by Brian Cantoni on Flickr used with permission by CC 2.0

Miranda Cain, Editor

On Tuesday, April 18, all students who have signed up for an AP exam will be doing AP Exam Pre-Administration in the SAC. 10th graders will be doing it first period, 11th graders will be doing it second period, and 12th graders will be doing it third period, freshman have already completed their Pre-Administration.

Some seniors will be going on a field trip tomorrow however, they do not leave until 10:00 A.M. and should be done. If students do not have any AP Exams they should not come to the SAC during the stated times.

The list of students and their table number is attached. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding AP exam Pre-Administration please bring them to Mr. Gokul in the counseling office before tomorrow.

Get ready for AP Exams Mavericks!

AP Exam Pre-Administration