More Bayonetta?

More Bayonetta?

Donovan Brooks, Staff Writer

As an April Fool’s joke, Sega released their cult classic Bayonetta’s first PC port… sort of. 8-Bit Bayonetta was released on Steam, and the fans, desperate for more Bayonetta, still played it. The trailer was dressed up so it would appear to be a full-length platformer, but it turned out to be a simple time waster. Nevertheless, there were a set of 16 achievements which held a code to a secret website: 14111219. This website contains a countdown that will reach zero on April 10.


What this countdown is counting down to is unknown, but fans speculate it could finally be a PC port of Bayonetta. The franchise’s dedicated following has been begging for this port for several years. The original Bayonetta was a PS2 exclusive, and Bayonetta 2 was a Wii U exclusive. Understandably, the fans are dying to see the witch expand her horizons.


With that in mind, many of the fans are skeptical of this. It seems much more likely that they would release a “Bayonetta 3” as a Switch exclusive, given that Nintendo now owns some rights to the Bayonetta franchise, and that the Switch only has one real title as of now. Or, in a completely optimistic scenario, Platinum Games may do the smart thing and release “Bayonetta 3”, or whatever it is, on both the PC and the Switch.


But, as Platinum is tearing up the industry right now, with NieR: Automata being a smash hit, it will be hard for them to screw up now. The fans are in agreement on one thing: whatever happens on April 10th, we will most definitely enjoy it.


Unless, of course, this is all just an elaborate April Fool’s prank, and nothing is on that website.