The Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson Rematch


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Augustin Cruz, Cub Writer

The most exciting and awaited rematch between Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson is set for April 8 for UFC 210 in Buffalo, New York. Daniel will defend his light heavyweight title against Anthony Johnson.

In UFC 206, the two competitors were supposed to fight in December at Toronto, but Cormier suffered a groin injury forcing the fight to cancel. Cormier broadcasted a report on UFC Tonight.

I want to let the great fans that bought tickets for UFC 206 in Toronto [know] that this one is for you,” Cormier told “Ninety-nine miles is as close as I could get to make it up to you. That was very important to me. Thank you for the support, and I’ll see you in Buffalo.”

Cormier’s first meeting with Anthony Johnson was at UFC 187 in 2015.  In the first round, Johnson surprised Cormier with a right hand that almost knocked out Cormier, however, as the rounds went on, Anthony got tired so Cormier took an advantage and caught Johnson with a rear naked choke forcing Johnson to tap out in the third round. Cormier won that fight which declared him the light heavyweight champion.

Cormier appeared on the Anik and Florida podcast to talk about his first fight against Anthony Johnson and what he had learned in the first round.

“I have to be careful in the first seven minutes because the reality is, I’ve felt him over the course of 14 minutes now, and I know the difference in his power from minute one when he dropped me, to minute 13. So I can base that on experience. I felt him at minute 13 and granted, he’s still very powerful, but it isn’t that same explosive power that’s there in minute one, two, three, four, of the very first round. So I’ve really taken into account the beginning of the fight, being very aware, being ready to go from the start, and making sure I’m implementing my game plan from the first bell all the way until I finish the fight.”

After Cormier defeated Silva at UFC 200, he hasn’t fought since July 2016. After the loss of Anthony against Cormier, Anthony started winning three of his last fights by knockouts, giving him another opportunity to take Cormier’s light heavyweight belt. Cormier believed that Anthony Johnson would be a threat because of his previous knockouts and improvements in his fighting style.

“I anticipate a much better version of the ‘Rumble’ I fought last time. A guy that’s worked on the areas that he’s struggled in and a guy that’s addressed them. A guy that’s coming in confident and is coming in trying to finish the fight. I feel like we have trained for a better version of him. I feel like we’ve covered all of our bases, dotted our I’s and crossed our T’s. We’ve worked so much in the areas we feel we struggled in last time, and even in the areas that we were successful, we still have to improve in every facet of our game.”

Cormier’s record is (18-1), while Anthony’s is (22-5). Cormier’s grappling skills are unique and powerful, and he is considered one of the best grapplers in the sport. However, Anthony also has his own unique ability, and that is his punching power, and for today’s sport there is no doubt that he is considered as one of the most powerful punchers.

My colleague’s prediction: German Uriostegui


  1. What’s your thoughts about the rematch of Daniel Cormier  against Anthony Johnson?

  • “I would say this is a very important fight for a lot of the fans in UFC and it’s finally good to see the number 1 contender going to fight the champion. Instead of this money fights that have recently been taking place.”
  1. Who do you believe is going to win the fight and why?

  • “I believe that Daniel Cormier will win this fight and will dominate the later rounds with his wrestling and will win with a unanimous decision.”
  1. Looking back at the first fight, what’s your thought?

  • “I thought Daniel Cormier outclass Anthony Johnson, I didn’t expect Cormier would able to take the hits the Johnson threw at him.”
  1. What do you think Anthony Johnson should do to win the match?

  • “I think Anthony Johnson should use his size and power to counter Cormier by letting Cormier be aggressive.”