The Nugget Hunt: The Best Nuggets Around

The Nugget Hunt: The Best Nuggets Around

Whether you’re trying to make it to your family’s soccer game on time, or just need a little something to help wallow in your relationship problems, chicken nuggets serve their heaven-sent purpose. Yet, in our daily lives, we come across one of the most difficult choices of our lives: what is the best chicken nugget?

In Las Vegas, we’re known for being a salad bowl of restaurants, but when it comes to nuggets, the restaurants seem to hide away in fear. We are only left with fast food options that have commercialized their success in nuggets.

Now, this raises the question- who rises above the others in their chicken nugget attempts? Will homemade prove to be the victor or will there be a restaurant with superior nuggets? We will be basing our observations on a few criteria: taste, smell, breading, price, and packaging. Each section will be worth a total of two points to make the scale an even ten. We will be considering chicken nuggets as rounded, bite size pieces of chicken, usually with breading.

The nuggets that we will examine are:

  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King
  • Jack In The Box
  • Frozen
  • School
  • And our own, homemade nuggets


McDonald’s Nuggets
Burger King
Jack In The Box
Frozen Nuggets
School Nuggets
Homemade Nuggets


Nuggets come in all shapes, sizes, and taste. No two nuggets are entirely alike, as we found in this review. Nonetheless, we were able to find the perfect nugget: The homemade nuggets. Yes, it’s easy to say that everything homemade is better, but it’s not like saying that will make it any less true. These homemade nuggets are much better tasting than any nugget you’ll find at a fast food...

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