Unanswered Questions In The Selection

Estephanie Jimenez, Editor

After reading the third book of The Selection series I have come to the conclusion that although yes, I loved reading the books and it did send me on a emotional roller coaster, there could have been a few improvements on the plot itself. I was also left with a couple of unanswered questions.

If the king was as aggressive with the queen as he was with Maxon? Did he ever really love the queen? Did the queen actually love the king?

How come they never landed in China like they were supposed to? Where were they? How come Elise’s relatives never saw them arrive in New Asia?

When exactly was it that Lucy fell in love with Aspen? When did Aspen fall in love with Lucy? What was Maxon’s reaction to first seeing America on screen?

I am still not able to understand the obsession that the northern rebels had with books. If all they really wanted was the destruction of the castes why did they need to gather all of the history books? Was it to teach their children about the history of the United States?

And surely the last attack on the palace place in book three wouldn’t be the last one right? Aren’t the Southern rebels supposed to be vicious and stop at nothing until they reached their goal of conquering the country? What measures did Maxon and America take to ensure that the Southern Rebels wouldn’t even attempt at attacking the throne again?

I can’t help but wonder if America’s mom knew that her husband was a rebel. Did she even ever truly loved him? She was seemed to be upset about her position in society. What is their background story?

There were so many things that I wanted more detail on that the original trilogy felt a bit rushed. However, one thing is certain, I did love the ending of The One. I was left crying and shaking and crying some more. The ending of book three was indeed better than the entire original trilogy.

The love triangle ended up resolving itself on its own and for that I was quite happy that America was certain on who she loved out of the two men more. I do love a happily ever after.