Newt Scamander: The Hero We Never Knew We Needed

Miranda Cain, Editor

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has just been released to DVD and I have discovered the hero I never knew I needed…


As someone who has always been tall and thin, and seeing Newt Scamander who is tall and awkward and lanky makes my heart so happy. He also looks kinda dorky and awkward without falling into any of the stereotypes that are frequently attached to this look.

This man also dresses spectacularly. In a movie where people wear dark colors, except for Queenie, this man prances around in a bright blue jacket and an orange-ish waistcoat and I’m loving it. Newt doesn’t care what others think about his outfit because Newt knows he’s dressing to find beasts so his outfit fits that idea.

Then the poor little cutie pie cannot make eye contact for any length of time with anyone. The poor baby, he is just too cute for words!!! I relate to this on such a deep level because I too cannot maintain eye contact with anyone for any length of time. All he cares about is protecting his creatures.

“Oh I’m about to be led to my death I don’t care as long as you don’t hurt my poor babies who haven’t done anything wrong. “ is something Newt Scamander would probably say.

Also when he took care of his creatures he looked so adorable and again, I too also care more for creatures than I do for most people.
So in summary, Newt Scamander is too precious and he is truly the hero we never knew we needed.