Lights Out

Lights Out

Johanna Guerrero, Editor-in-Chief

At approximately 9:45 A.M. the lights at A-TECH went out. For a brief moment everyone was in total darkness, unless there were windows in that classroom to let light in.

At 10:02 A.M. the lights came on and from down the 400s hall from where the journalism class was, we heard another class of students say “Yay!”

We were in a brief moment of panic and subsequent concern. We were all working on chromebooks so when the lights went out all I saw was the illumination of light across my classmates’ surprised faces.

As for the classrooms around us that we saw: IT networking, Law, Architecture, and Engineering, they all use computers connected to the outlet. The network was down this entire time. For these classrooms and any other classrooms using the school’s technology, those students were immediately out of luck if they hadn’t saved their work.

Students fled to social media to tweet and post about the lights going out: