4 Quick Hairstyles For School

4 Quick Hairstyles For School

Estephanie Jimenez

Most people with long hair can relate to the struggle of trying to find a cute way to style it within minutes especially when you’re running late for school. I mean really most people at A-TECH do not want to waste hours doing their hair when they could be studying for that test in (insert your most difficult subject here), and even more so when you haven’t paid attention to what your teacher has been saying for the past few weeks. However, most people would rather not look like a hot mess out in public either so…… how can someone with long hair find a way way to style their it without taking hours to do so? Have no fear the Maverick pulse has your back!


Here are 4 quick hairstyles for school that will take under 10 minutes to complete.

 1. Fishtail braid


The Fishtail braid is so quick and easy to complete it can literally be paired with any outfit that you choose to accompany it with.

2. Two Side Dutch Braids

Two dutch  braids on the side will give you that chic bad chick vibe or that good girl vibe depending on your outfit. You can never go wrong with a dutch braid.

3. No Heat Beach Waves

Now this hair style requires a little prepping the night before but it remains easy nonetheless. All you have to do is braid your hair into two dutch braids, sleep on them, and tada undo them in the morning. Now you have wavy hair that will make you proud.

4.  Single Dutch Braid

This single dutch braid is perfect for the athletic person who moves around a lot. It will stay in place and remain intact as long as you insure the braid is tied around the hair tightly with an elastic.