Miranda’s Book List

MIranda Cain, Editor

All my life I have been a reader. If you saw me between the ages of 6 and 16 I almost always had a book with me. As I reflected on books I loved, I decided to share them with my fellow readers.
(Warning: These are not necessarily universally acceptable books, nor books that your English teacher might not judge you for reading. These are some of my favorite books I wanted to share so that does not necessarily make them good books.)


These books were rated on a scale of mhm out of mmhmms


  1. The Iron Fey series- Julie Kagawa

Now as someone who loves a happy ending I stopped reading this series at book two because I was happy with the ending Kagawa created. This series focuses on Meghan Chase who finds out she is half fey and goes into the world of the fey to rescue her younger brother. Along the way she meets incredibly vivid characters who really help develop the whole storyline. All of this pertains to the first two books because I was happy with the ending and felt no reason to continue. So if you go farther than that ye be warned.

3 mhms out of mmhmm


  1. The Wake Trilogy- Lisa McMann

Oh my goodness this series is good. Janie Hannagan is a girl who falls into other people’s dreams. Along the way she meets Cable and falls into his world as she tries to come to terms with her powers. Everything about this series is so good and relatable to a lot of young people. Although we don’t have powers, we struggle with ourselves, relationship issues, parent issues, friendship issues, and high school issues. There is something that most everyone can relate to.     

5 mhms out of mmhmm


  1. Need- Carrie Jones (just the first book)

This book is a part of a series but after book one, again I just lost all will to read the series after the first book. Zara White moves to Maine to live with her grandmother following the death of her father, she soon finds out that all is not as it seems in this sleepy town. Everything from the romance, the friendship, and the mystery, oh my goodness, everything was so great. Then you get to the second book and you lose all will to continue on with the series.

2 mhms out of mmhmm

  1. Song of the Sparrow- Lisa Ann Sandell   

Now as warning this book is written in poem format so it may be a little difficult for some people to get through. This book is a more complex literary style than most students would be comfortable with but it is just so good. Elaine of Ascolat is a sixteen year old on the campaign trail of King Arthur with her father. As the only girl in a camp of men she holds an interesting place in camp. As Arthur brings his new bride Guinevere into camp everything about their lives begins to change. As a person incredibly interested in women’s perspective, this book shows a girl’s perspective on what growing up in a man’s world really means. 

4 mhms out of mmhmm


  1. Darkest Powers series- Kelley Armstrong

This is one series where I was able to read the series in its entirety without losing interest. The author kept an incredible story going throughout all three books. Chloe Saunders is a girl who starts to develop powers and her father puts her in a group home to help her deal with her “issues”. After living in the home, she soon learns of a devious plot that she needs to escape from. This book has an incredible mix of paranormal, adventure, and mystery that really intrigued me as a reader.

5 mhms out of mmhmm