1401 Exams

Donovan Brooks, Staff Writer

A-TECH students have just ordered a total of 1,401 AP Exams for the 2016-17 school year, the highest number in our history. The exams were ordered by 566 students, compared to last year’s 536. The five classes with the most exams ordered are Psychology with 143, Calculus AB with 129, English Lang with 127, English Lit with 123, and US Government with 106. All of these numbers have gone up by at least 10 from last year, which is “absolutely incredible” according to Principal Jonathan Synold. The new Banker, Detricia Wroten, reflected on her first experience ordering AP Exams:


“It was a little overwhelming, but it was okay once I got started. When students came in and had everything checked off, it made it much easier.”


Wroten said that there were several students who attempted to order exams without even filling out a form, which made the process much harder for her.


“Luckily they only had one or two classes,” said Wroten, “What made it a little time-consuming was the people who had ordered more than two. If you had three, five, or seven, it made it take longer because I had to go in and pick each one at a time; I can’t just make them grouped together.”


Around 200 people ordered three or more exams, according to Wroten. 1000 of the exams were ordered on the last two days, March 9 and 10. This, understandably, put a lot of pressure on Wroten, but she said she had gotten used to ordering exams by then. She had also been given what Synold called “a crash course in A-TECH procrastinators”.

“I was ready for it; after everybody had told me how it was going to be, I was ready for the line,” said Wroten, “I was ready after school, too, but there was no line. I had finished with everyone by around 1:30, with one or two after school sporadically. By 1:45 I was ready for the line, and nobody was here! I thought that was awesome.”